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How to Wear Spring Trends Now (Yes, in Sub-Zero Weather)

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Fashion, as much as we love it, can sometimes be quite cruel to us Mainers.  Just as we’re getting dumped on with snow and hit with sub-zero temperatures, what happens?  The Spring lines come out.  As we’re bundled up head to toe & up to our knees (literally) in wintery slush, we get emails & catalogs teasing us with bright coral dresses, strappy flat sandals and airy floral blouses.

How can we possibly be expected to wait 3 (possibly 4!) long, cold months to wear these new trends?   Don’t fret…we actually don’t have to wait.  There are many ways to wear Spring trends now in the midst of the chill.  Here’s how –

1. Layer, Layer, Layer – If “Location, Location, Location” is real estate’s mantra, “Layer, Layer, Layer” is fashion’s.  First, there’s the cardigan, which can be layered with ANY Spring look to make it instantly “wear now.”  Next is the long sleeve tee or turtleneck.  Layer under any sort of Spring dress – from shirtdress to maxi to even strapless – and you’ve created a whole new winter must-have look.  Finally, leggings & scarves give you extra warmth and coverage, while creating fantastic seasonless styles.

2.  Tights are your best friend – We know you’re dying to wear that flirty floral dress with your wedge espadrilles, but until then, throw on a pair of tights & you can wear it now.  Same goes for shorts…why wait to break them out?  Pair them with tights and you have a chic wear-now look (plus you don’t have to worry about your legs being tan!).  Luckily, this season was a major tights season (wool, colored, patterned, print, lace…) so you have endless options.

3.  Break some rules – If you’re one of those fashion rule followers who picks up an amazing white maxi dress but keeps it in your closet until after Memorial Day, listen up.  It’s time to break the rules!  Don’t let the dress get dusty until June…wear it now with a long wool cardi, tights & booties (following Tip #1 & #2).  Speaking of booties, do you follow the “no tights with open-toe shoe rule?”  Break that rule too!  We’re not talking nude colored panty hose here, but a thick dark colored pair of tights with some peep-toe sandals is an amazing look (and gets you so much extra mileage out of your Spring footwear!).

When we finally get that first beautiful sunny day of Spring (hallelujah!), just peel off some layers to reveal Spring frocks that you’ve been stylishly wearing all along.

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