How To Go Upta Camp (in Style)

Before moving to Maine, the only “camp” I knew of was going off to field hockey camp for a few weeks during the summer.  Little did I know about all of the gorgeous lakeside cabins & cottages (aka “camps”) tucked away throughout our beautiful state.  But now, when someone tells me they’re going “upta camp” for the weekend, I know exactly what they’re talking about.

The only question remains is how to pack for one of these peaceful weekend retreats, while still keeping a bit of your effortless style.  Just because you’ll be close to nature doesn’t mean you automatically have to throw on khaki shorts & Keens.  Here are some tips on how to go “upta camp”… in style.

Think Outside the Fleece: As this past week has proven, Maine temps can be in the 60′s one day and 90′s the next.  Especially when you are by the water, the weather can be unpredictable to say the least, which means you always want to pack a jacket of some sorts.  Although I love my fleece as much as the next Mainer, there are other options to bring with you!

Try a cute & cozy hoodie in a bright pop color, or a classic striped boatneck.  And don’t forget a colorful summerweight scarf – a perfect way to add some style (and warmth) to a super casual outfit.

Watch Your Feet:  It’s pretty obvious when packing footwear that you want to leave your heels & wedges at home.  But this doesn’t mean you have to clomp around in hiking boots or Rainbow flip flops all weekend.

Havaianas are the perfect shoe to bring upta camp…easy, comfortable & can take the water & sand with no problem.  For your closed-toe option, throw on a pair of TOMS.  So cute and (somewhat) practical.


Double Duty:  There’s nothing more embarrassing than being “that girl” on vacation who brings the biggest suitcase filled with way too many options.  Rather than stuffing your weekender to the max, try to pack items that can do double duty.  Button downs are the perfect example…throw one over a bathing suit with denim cut-offs during the day and with jeans at night and voilà - two outfits in one!

Tip Your Hat:  Depending on your camp, you may not have the most luxurious amenities for getting beautified with hair & makeup.  Rather than try to curl your hair to into beachy waves or straighten it into frizz-free perfection, throw on a summer hat instead.  They’re trendy, cute, provide sun protection, and most importantly, the ultimate bad hair day cover-up.

Happy Summah!

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